How to choose between assisted living and home care?

By / April 3, 2017

When choosing between assisted living and home care, you should consider your physical and mental limitations, your finances, and the types of services available to you before making a final decision about where to live and the kind of care you need. You should also consider your preferences and ask for the opinion of your family. Assisted living may make more sense if you believe you need continuous follow-up or are unable to find quality house workers in your area. On the other hand, home care allows you to stay in a family environment and can be provided with a significant amount of freedom and independence.

The differences between assisted living and home care are considerable. In assisted living, you will move to a residential center where you will be provided with various types of assistance in meeting your day to day needs. For example, you will often be given with meals in a community dining room, and an assistant can help you bathe, dress, and perform cleaning tasks. Your medical condition will usually be supervised by your assistant and a nurse or nurse who oversees the health care at the facility. In many cases, assisted living facilities to provide you with ample opportunities to participate in group activities and community events.

assisted living or home health?If you decide to stay home, you may be able to get help through home care aides. Like attendees of an assisted living facility, these counselors are trained to help take care of your home and assist you with basic hygiene and, in some cases, health care needs. In many cases, your helper can visit for just a few hours each day or a few days each week. While living at home allows you great independence and privacy, you will not have the advantage of 24-hour care availability or a built-in community as you would in an assisted living facility.

Both assisted living and home care can be expensive, so this can be a major consideration for you, especially if you do not have insurance to cover the cost of one or both types of care. If you are using Medicaid, Family Assets, provides a good resource by which to understand your options a lot better. By living in assisted care, however, many of your typical expenses, such as utilities and meals, may be payable while home care you need to pay back for your home care aide, in addition to Household expenditure. It may be possible, however, to control the costs of home care by hiring an assistant for only a few hours each day and relying on relatives or volunteers from social service agencies to share some of the responsibility for their care. If you are having difficulty deciding between assisted living and home care, you may want to ask your family members about whether they are willing to provide continued assistance to you if you want to stay at home. If you are ready to provide assistance and you would like to stay at home, hiring a home care aide may be the best choice for you.

Assisted Living combines the independence of living at home with medical care in a nursing home location.…

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